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Presales Researcher

Job description

About Strix

Strix provides consulting and implementation services in the area of omnichannel, e-commerce and digital transformation for companies from the B2C and B2B sectors. 

  • The job of Presales Researcher is to find the senior contact details for a list of Magento 1.9 users. These details will then be used to send a specific individual email with an e-book on migration from Magento1 to Magento 2 e-commerce platform, with a view to getting our company considered as a potential supplier of Magento services.


The job requirements are:

  • good spoken and written English
  • ability to use Internet tools to research the required information (key contact details for e-commerce managers)
  • willing and able to call the target company to extract the required contact information
  • update the company CRM with details discovered and use the CRM to allocate follow-up actions to the sales person.

This will involved the following tasks:

  • browsing target list websites to check on Magento software version
  • browsing the internet to identify possible target contacts
  • verifying contact/role through the use of websites such as LinkedIn
  • calling general target switchboard/customer centres to secure and verify more precise contact details
  • liaising with the sales person on any follow-up actions.
  • updating the CRM application with research gained and assigning follow-up actions to the sales person